Network Access

Getting a network account

Who can have a Berea College network account

Network accounts are created for current students, faculty, and staff members at the time of your hiring. Please contact the Technology Resource Center’s Help Desk if you are a current student, faculty, or staff member and you do not have your network credentials.

A few things to do once you have your network account

Your network account is for your use only – you should never divulge your password to anyone, even IS&S. Any request for your password should be reported to the immediately.

We provide a simple and easy to use tool for self-service password resetting, but you must enroll in it prior to the need to reset your password. You can find the tool at this link <insert link>. If you have lost or forgotten your password and have not enrolled in this tool, please call the TRC Help Desk at extension 3343, or stop by our Service Center for assistance.

VPN access

What is VPN access?

VPN access is a secure method of connecting to the College network when you are off-campus. It allows a computer or mobile device to establish a secured connection over the Internet so that you can access resources just as you would from your office.

How do I get VPN access?

VPN access is given to those who have approval of the CIO or the Computer Center Director and who have a legitimate need for this type of access for business purposes.

What platforms are supported by the VPN software?

Windows 7, Vista, and XP (both 32 and 64 bit), most Linux distributions, and most MacOS versions are supported. If you are unsure if your computer will work with the VPN please contact or stop by the TRC Service Center for assistance.

How do I use the VPN once I have access?

Once you have been given VPN access all you have to do is go to this link <insert link> in Internet Explorer, Safari, or Firefox web browsers and login using your Berea College network credentials. Detailed instructions may be found <here>.

Can I use the VPN at work?

No, the VPN is only accessible from outside the network because it is generating a secure connection between your computer and the Berea College network. When you are on the College network there is no need to use the VPN.

What to look for if VPN is not working from home

The most common problem encountered by VPN users is caused by Windows Firewall. For best results, please do the following to create an exemption in the firewall to allow the VPN to function.