Network Status/Maintenance

– Current Network Outages and Known Problems –

At this time there are no known network outages, but wireless in some areas is experiencing heavy to extreme utilization and performance is being negatively impacted.

BereaSecure is experiencing a minor issue that is preventing some, but not all, clients from obtaining an IP address. We are working on this issue at this time.

NOTE: Typically, network maintenance is scheduled for Thursday evenings, but emergencies or other urgent situations may require service at other times.

– Currently scheduled network maintenance –

At this time there is no scheduled network maintenance that will cause interruptions in service this week.

*** Please be advised that we will be starting a major wireless network upgrade in the near future and that this will interrupt wireless service in some areas temporarily. Updates will be posted here as they are scheduled. ***

If you are having difficulty accessing the network, please contact the Technical resource Center at extension 3343, or by email at


- Network Services Team