IS&S Network Services Blog


Welcome to the new IS&S Network Services blog! We have created this space as a source of information for everyone so that you can find answers to commonly asked questions quickly and easily, and as a source for up to the minute new regarding the status of the network.

For example, on this site you can find information related to large-scale projects are in being planned and see at a glace when network maintenance is scheduled or what parts of campus a network outage is impacting.

We will still send out an email to all of campus letting you know what is going on when there are known network problems, but we understand that most people are very busy and constant email messages can be very disruptive. For that reason we will publish status updates and other non-emergent information here so that it is available for those interested. Please feel free to comment on anything posted here and we will try to respond a quickly as time permits.

Thanks, and have a wonderful day!

NACTest goes live

A new, temporary wireless network is now live on campus – NACTest. This wireless network is only temporary, but it allows users to register their devices before the crush of the Fall term starts. Once the Fall term begins, BereaSecure will have new security features that will provide greater security for all wireless users, as well as the campus network in general. By registering now using the temporary wireless network NACTest, you can be ready to use the new BereaSecure as soon as it goes live.

You can read more about these new security measures and find out how to get your device registered by following this link.

Windows 8 and wireless

We have ironed out the problems with Windows 8 (both full and release candidate) and you should now be able to get connected to BereaSecure. If you are still having problems please delete the BereaSecure wireless profile on your computer and allow it to reconnect. This should get you in. If you have problems please stop by the TRC Help Desk and we’ll be happy to get you up and running!

Wireless documentation updated

We have posted new documentation for wireless users that will help address some of the issues that new and returning students have reported over the last few days. The two big areas of improvement are listed below:

Android users:

If you are using an Android device (phone, Nook, etc.) please be sure to check out the Android page – we have a solution to the ‘credential storage password’ screen that you have been reporting. You can find that page at the link below:

Accesing the BereaSecure wireless network with your Android device

Windows XP users:

We have you covered as well! Windows XP seems to be having a problem negotiating the security settings for BereaSecure properly, so it have been a problem for many students with XP laptops. We now have that one ironed out too, so if you are having difficulty getting connected using XP, please stop by the TRC Help Desk with your laptop and we’ll get you up and running in just a few minutes. If you know of someone who is having problems and who has not heard of the solution please pass the word along so that we can help them get connected.

Thanks to everyone for your patience while we get everyone up and running at the start of the busiest term of the year!

- Network Services Team

ResNet is live!

Because many students have personal devices that do not support wireless security we have created a new wireless network, ResNet, that is available only in the residence halls (this includes the Eco Village apartments.) This network will allow Internet-only access for your game consoles or other devices like Apple TV or Roku from your dorm room or apartment.

To use the ResNet network simply select it from the list of available wireless networks, but keep in mind that if you connect your laptop you will not be able to access internal resources or use the electronic databases available through the Hutchins Library – this network is intended primarily for use by devices that need Internet access only.

Wireless, new and improved!

Berea College Wireless Networking is changing!

 Over the Summer term we have been working to improve wireless networking performance across campus.  Further work is scheduled, but the new system is now up and running. Some key benefits of the upgraded wireless network are:

  • Improved security
  • Improved capacity
  • Expanded coverage

The next step in this process is the removal of the old ‘bereacollege’ wireless network, which is being replaced with two new wireless networks (details below). The old ‘bereacollege’ wireless network will be taken off-line permanently in the near future, so we encourage you to start using them now so that you can take full advantage of the benefits listed above.

The new wireless networks are:

BereaSecure – The replacement for bereacollege, this new wireless network offers greatly improved security and bandwidth capacity. Anyone with a valid, active Berea College username and password can access this network. Connecting to this network will give you network access to all internal Berea College systems.

BereaGuest – This network is for those without Berea College login credentials. Connecting to this wireless network will give you access to the Internet only, at a limited data rate. People connected to this wireless network will only be able to access College systems that can be accessed from the Internet.

Despite these upgrades it is vital to remember that the wireless network only augments the College wired network, it does replace it. In terms of performance and reliability wireless networks will always be variable and unpredictable due to their nature. Whenever reliability is essential you should use a wired network connection for best results.

If you should happen to have problems using either of these wireless networks, please contact the TRC Help Desk, located in the Hutchins Building, or email for assistance.

Password security

Just a friendly reminder, please do not ever share your password with anyone. Your password is the key to all of your College accounts and you are the only one who should know what it is.

IS&S will never ask for your password, in person or by email, so if you receive an email message requesting your username and/or password please do not respond to it no matter how real it appears.

Thanks, and have a great end of the term!