Wireless Access

Important Note: The College’s wireless network does not replace the wired network, it merely complements it. If you are running a computer from a fixed location, that is for example, a computer lab, a residence hall room, or an office location, then a traditional hard-wired Ethernet connection is recommended. This is primarily due to various performance issues inherent to all wireless networks.

General Information

Wireless a/g network access is available in most campus buildings and open areas at this time, and Wireless n is available in most classroom and meeting spaces.

About the Wireless Network at Berea College.

Why is the wireless network sometimes slow?

Where is wireless available on campus?

What is Bradford and why do I need to register my wireless device?

Why do I keep getting placed in the remediation network?

Using wireless in the classroom

What can I expect from wireless in my classroom?
How can I improve wireless performance in my classroom?

Getting Connected

BereaSecure: (about BereaSecure)

BereaGuest: (about BereaGuest)

ResNet: (about ResNet)

Having Problems?

What to do if you cannot get connected to the BereaSecure wireless network.

What to do if you cannot get connected to the BereaGuest wireless network.

What to do if you cannot get connected to the ResNet wireless network.

What to do if you are placed in the remediation network.

Common error messages and what to do if you get them

“You must set a lock screen PIN or Password before you can use credential storage”
“Please enter the credential storage password”

About Multicast/Broadcast over the wireless networks: At this time the College does not support sending multicast traffic over the wireless network (sending streaming video content from one wireless device to one or more other devices on the network.) This functionality has overloaded the wireless infrastructure in the past and at this time we do not have that capability enabled on wireless network (only on the wired networks.)

It is important to note that streaming video content from a source on the Internet is not affected and any device that performs this function (Roku, Apple TV, Netflix apps, etc.) should function properly. Devices that act as the source of streaming video content (Google Chromecast, etc.) will not function on our wireless networks at this time.

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