About the Wireless Network at Berea College

There are three wireless networks available on campus, two are available from most building and open-air locations around campus and one is available only in the residence halls. Please be aware that not all devices will be able to connect to all of these wireless networks – some personal devices (Roku, Apple TV, Kindle e-ink devices, etc.) do not support enterprise level security so will not be able to access all wireless networks.

Please also be advised that at this time we do not support multicast over the wireless networks, which means that you will not be able to use devices like Google Chromecast or other similar video streaming devices as these types of devices overload the wireless infrastructure and create intermittent service issues. We hope to be able to provide support for these devices in the future, but at this time our wireless systems cannot provide the service levels required by these devices.


  • For Student, Faculty, and Staff use – the most secure campus wireless network.
  • Provides non rate-limited access* to all internal College systems just as if you were connected to a wired network outlet
  • All communication is encrypted end-to-end.
  • To gain access to this network you must have a valid Berea College username and password.
  • Click here for information on getting connected to the BereaSecure wireless networks.


  • For use by visitors to campus and devices that do not support enterprise wireless security protocols.
  • Offers rate-limited access to the Internet only – you will not be able to access internal resources unless they are also available from the Internet.
  • You do not need a Berea College network account to access this network, but you will have to agree to usage rules before gaining access.
  • Click here for information on getting connected to the BereaGuest wireless network.


  • Available only in the residence halls.
  • Provides Internet-only access for students who have devices that cannot function with the enterprise level security used by the BereaSecure wireless network, such as gaming consoles, Roku, Apple TV, and other devices designed primarily for use in a home wireless networking setting.
  • You do not need a Berea College network account to access this network.
  • Click here for information on getting connected to the ResNet wireless network.

* Please keep in mind that wireless networks are not as reliable or stable as wired networks even in the best of circumstance are not as fast as a wired connection. If you are in an area of high utilization or radio frequency interference, or if you are far from the nearest access point, you may experience intermittent slowness and/or decreased performance.

If you have any problems accessing either of these wireless networks, need assistance getting connected, or have questions about WiFi access, please contact the Technical Resource Center at extension x3343 or stop by our Service Center, which is located in the Hutchins Building. You can also email questions to NetworkServices@berea.edu.

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