How to connect your computer to the BereaSecure wireless networks

  1. Turn on your wireless adapter if it is not already on. (Some computers have a physical switch to do this and some do not. If you are not sure of this step please contact the TRC Help Desk for assistance at extension 3343 or bring your laptop to our Service Center counter and we will be happy to assist you.)
  2. Select either the BereaSecure wireless network from the list of available wireless networks.
  3. Login using your Berea College network credentials if prompted. *
  4. Most devices will automatically detect the wireless security settings automatically, so please be patient while this process completes.
  5. If you are prompted to accept the security certificate please do so. This certificate is issued by the College certificate server, but not all devices recognize it.
  6. Once connected you should be able to access the Internet and all College resources from your device without logging in again.

Information for advanced users*:

The following settings can be used to manually setup the wireless profile for BereaSecure only:

  • Network authentication: WPA2-Enterprise
  • Data encryption: AES
  • Authentication type: PEAP
  • Authentication protocol: MSCHAPv2
  • Do not validate security certificate

*Please note: While we do support Linux it is important to understand that we are not experts in Linux, so if you are having problems with a Linux computer/device getting connected to the wireless network you may need to do some research on your own if we cannot help you get connected. Remember, Linux is an operating system typically considered appropriate for technically advanced users, so we do expect you to have a strong familiarity with your chosen flavor of Linux and to be able to work with us to resolve your Linux related issues.

If you encounter any problems getting connected please contact the Technology Resource Center’s Help Desk at extension 3343, or visit us in the Huntchins Builiding next to the library and we will be happy to help you get connected.

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    • Your account may be locked or otherwise disabled, or there could be a configuration issue with your device. Please bring your device to the TRC Help Desk and we will be happy to help you get connected.

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