What to do if you can connect to Berea_Secure but cannot browse the Internet

If you are connected to Berea_Secure but you cannot browse the Internet or access network resources, please open a web browser and try to reach the following URL: http://netlogin.berea.edu (it should open automatically when you attempt to access any other URL.)

  • When the page has finished loading, please login with your Berea College credentials.
  • Once you are logged here in you will be connected to the secure network and should now be able to browse properly.

If you cannot login successfully, please contact the Technology Resource Center’s Help Desk at x3343 or visit us in the Hutchins Building next to the library and we will help you resolve this issue.

* On some devices you must login the first time you connect to Berea_Secure each day – subsequent access that day should not require you to login unless you are using a different device.

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